Thursday, October 17, 2013

How are you going to get your Holiday Gifts Delivered? How about a White Glove Delivery Service?

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I know it isn't even Halloween yet; but I am such a planner.  I plan out everything which in turn makes the Holidays at our house go so much smoother.  I take the credit for the smooth flow of events as I leave nothing to chance.

I have already started to compile the long list of ingredients I need to make all my Holiday goodies.  And if any of you have followed my blog for awhile, you know how much baking I do.  I feel like I am possessed by Julia Child's and any free moment is spent in the the kitchen.  In the kitchen creating family favorites and trying out new recipes.  

I seriously make over 12 different types of holiday treats.  I know it sounds little overboard doesn't it?  But, not really.  After the flour has settled in the kitchen and the oven is finally given a rest; it is time to put together goodie baskets of all my homemade treats and a few personal extras.  

I smile after everything is packaged and relish in the fact that my handmade treats are going to cause excitement and enjoy for so many of our dear family and friends.  But, then my smile turns towards my busy family.  Now it is time to get start delivering all the handmade gifts. 

Let me share from personal experience; my family loves eating and sampling all my baked goods.  But, they detest the thought of being in the car for hours and hours making many different deliveries all over town.

So this year I am thinking outside the gift box.  I was considering using a white glove delivery service to help with at least some of the many deliveries that need to be made safely and professionally. 

I know that a quick and efficient drop off of my kitchen love at many of my friends doorsteps will make for a memorable holiday experience.  I was not just thinking about the typical package services. 

I was thinking about trying a courier service.  I have heard some wonderful things about these types of special deliveries.  I think the trick is to find one in your area that will meet your needs like Pronto Delivery in Dallas TX.

So how many of you have experienced using a courier service?  I would love to hear your opinions and thoughts to help me make up my mind as what to do to get my Holiday goodies delivered safely.

*sponsored via Pronto Delivery



  1. I've never worked with a Courier Service. And wow, you sure are organized!! I am bad at it, usually getting what I need a day or two before the big event....yikes!

  2. I normally would use fed-ex, UPS or the USPS, I've never had to ship homemade treats though! What a thoughtful idea!


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