Monday, January 28, 2013

OtterBox Dry Boxes - Not just for Cell Phones Cases Review

I have heard so much about OtterBox Cases when it comes to protecting smart phones from damage.  I am almost embarrassed to admit, no one in our house owns a smart phone..there I said it...we don't own a smart phone.

So when I was given the opportunity to review an product or two from OtterBox, I couldn't wait to learn more about this company and to see if they offered something else I could actually use...since we are smart phoneless.

I couldn't believe the amazing and large selection of products OtterBox offers including but not limited too:

Smart Phone Cases for many different brands and styles
Kindle Fire Cases
And even....Dry Boxes.

Ah, Yes, Dry Boxes!  Something I can and will be using A LOT!

But, before I share my experience with two of the OtterBox - Dry Boxes.  A little bit about the Otter Box Company.  

I was surprised to learn they are located not far from my stomping grounds in Ft. Collins, Colorado.  This company had been around since 1998.  How cool is that...and the reason for the OtterBox name?  The original line of cases created are waterproof, just like an Otter's fur.  And like an Otter the business likes to have fun and work hard and play hard too.

Otter Box didn't just stop, obviously with their waterproof cases.  They have continued to brain storm and evolve their line in order to help protect our technology.  They total "get" how real people handle their belongings or should I say understand how the unthinkable happens to every one's belongings.  They strive with the assistance of Otter Box products to help protect certain belongings from most disasters. 

So one of my selections was an OtterBox from the their Pursuit series cases and the second was the OtterBox 8000.

First a little about the OtterBox Pursuit 40...     

It is offered in three different colors.  I selected the color Expedition (Clear).  It's outside dimensions are 2.05" H x 4.75"W x 6.95"D and can hold the rectangular volume of 1" H x 2.875" W x 5.5" D.  As you can see by my photo above it has an easy and large open latch and a webbed like rubberized netting to help secure and cushion whatever belongings will fit inside.

I am planning on using my OtterBox Pursuit to store my unsmart phone, medication, money, ID, matches and even a small snack while I am out on a boat this summer.  It will give me piece of mind knowing that this Otter Box is 100% waterproof.  Not only it is waterproof it helps protect against dust, dropping and crushing.  

The OtterBox Pursuit also come with a lockable carabiner loop so you can tether it and in my photo above the Otter Box 8000 comes with a handy belt clip that feels very sturdy and should stand up to any challenge.  

The OtterBox 8000 interior dimensions are 1.935" x 2.831" x 5.188" - which I think will be perfect for my little digital camera.  I love the inside covering of this Dry Box.  

It is so velvety and soft.  Something so cozy on the inside, but rugged on the outside and are designed to withstand submersion's up to 100 feet.  What else could you ask is even crushproof and airtight!  Look out are going to be extra protected thanks to OtterBox!

You can learn more about all the offers from OtterBox via social media:


I received one of the items mentioned above free of charge in order to facilitate this review while participating in a campaign with Mom Bloggers Club and OtterBox. Regardless, all opinions are 100% my own.


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