Thursday, November 22, 2012

Enhancing the “Man Cave”

Enhancing the “Man Cave”

This is a guest post written by John Giusti

In the basement of my parents house, there was a “bar” area. I was excited when they were getting this installed, but all it ended up consisting of was a wooden countertop coming out of the wall, with two stools to sit at. It was a nice addition to the downstairs living area, but I don’t think it qualified for the title of “bar.” It certainly wasn’t something that I was going to show off to my friends, inviting them all to come and drink at the house.

When my friend and I moved out together as young bachelors, it was obvious that we would choose one room to be our “man-cave,” a growing trend. The thing was, I didn’t want the same old “bar” countertop, the same old sports posters and funny sayings, or the same old video game system and movie collection that seems to be the epitome of the modern day man-cave. These things are part of the equation, certainly, but I wanted more. I wanted it to be authentic. For example, I purchased soda systems, bar mats, and beer coolers from Culinary Depot. Not only do I have walking space behind the bar, so that somebody can “play bartender,” but I have the beginnings of an actual bar because the unique supplies I found there. This room, my favorite one in the house, is always going to be a work in progress, but it is already leaps and bounds ahead of the “bar” from my parents house.


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