Saturday, September 15, 2012

Week 12 Nutrisystem - No more Excuses! #NSNation

No more Excuses!!!

Come on everyone and join me in my journey with Nutrisystem.  Like I said, "No more excuses!"  It is time to make a difference in your life and your loved ones lives!  You can do it!  I know you can because I am and just finished Week 12 with Nutrisystem and I can't believe the changes that have happened and the way I feel.

I feel great!!!!  Thank you so much Nutrisystem for getting my health back on track.  I smile when and look and feel the changes that have happened. (Especially all the comments I have been hearing)  I feel great!!!

This week I started an amazing new workout program (still haven't missed a work out in 12 weeks.).  It is challenging and I feel my body getting stronger and stronger.  It feels great.  I love the burn after the workout is complete.  I wasn't sure if the scale was going to show any loss, due to all my muscle gain.  But, I can honestly stay for the first time...I didn't care about the number on the scale.  Truly I didn' this was an amazing feel great week.  My body continues to evolve into who I remember being many years ago...and I am in love with myself again.

So, Here is my monthly video post.....

What do you think?

So at the end of week 12 I have lost a total of 23 inches!!! (That is another  7.25" gone this past month...bye bye!)

Waist - Total lost 5.5"
Chest - Total lost 5"
Hips - Total lost 4"
Thighs - Total lost 5.5"
Upper Arms - Total lost 3"

I lost another 2 pounds this week!!!

Week 1 - lost 3.5 pounds
Week 2 - lost 3.5 pounds
Week 3 - lost 2.8 pounds
Week 4 - lost 1.6 pounds
Week 5 - lost 5.8 pounds
Week 6 - lost 3.5 pounds
Week 7 - lost 1.8 pounds

Week 8 - gained 1.8 pounds
Week 9 - lost 5.2 pounds
Week 10 - lost 4.8 pounds
Week 11 - lost .4 pounds
Week 12 - lost 2 pounds

Total Weight Loss So Far after 12 weeks on Nutrisystem
33.2 pounds.
Come join me on my weight loss journey! Now is the time as Nutrisystem is having an amazing 40% off your order, Right Now!  So what are you waiting for?

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Disclaimer: Nutrisystem provided me with my food and support program free
of charge for participation in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program.


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