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With the world of technology surrounding us, comes along risks.  Big risks which can destroy your credit, your identity and in turn your life and your family’s life.  How hack friendly is your password?  Wow!  That is so scary!!!  And even if you are resistant to going online with your personal information; what do you think companies and even restaurants do with your information?  Of course, it somehow ends up online.  And what about those bills you throw into the dumpster every day?  There goes your personal information for someone to find and use to benefit themselves and hurt you.
So are you prepared to protect your identity?  How about your credit?  Do you have mindless hours upon hours to be your own watch dog?  I know from personal experience I don’t.  I have had personal information stolen twice in my life; which turned my world upside down.  It was such a scary experience that made me re think everything I do.  It took so much work to get my affairs straighten back out!  And I still wonder, or should I say worry that there is more of my personal information floating around out there to be found by another criminal, who doesn’t care whose life they destroy.
If I would have only known about; my troubles possibly could have been protected against.
AmeliaIZEA | is a company who wants to be your watch dog!  They want to make sure your identity is safe and alert you if there is a problem.  And the best part is if there is a problem and someone has gotten ahold of your personal information; offers comprehensive recovery services.  They will even help you cancel and replace your credit and debit cards if that need arises. is always available to assist its customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Like I said they can be your watch dog.  I know I am checking into the different plans of coverage they offer to see what may be right for me.  I should have said what is right for my family as it is my job to make sure our identity is safe.
I would love to hear what experiences you have had with identity and information theft.  Please comment below.  What do you think about  Don't forget to check out LifeLock on Facebook.
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