Sunday, September 2, 2012

FireFly Hot Sauce Review - It will Light your A** Up!

Let me just say....some products have a way of describing their unique qualities, before you even get to sample them.

Yes, the name Firefly should have gotten my attention!  Why would a Hot Sauce company call their flavorful line of products, Firefly?

Hummm....could it be as their bottles say....

"It will light your A** Up!"
Well, my husband and I were privileged to test our taste buds this up and coming hot sauce line from Passage Creek Farm.  FireFly Hot Sauce is a real family run business.  Did you know...they grow all their own peppers....make all the sauces....and bottle each one by hand!

They sent us out three of their hottest varieties (they do offer 6 different flavors of hot sauce) which can be purchased online through Passage Creek Farm.

I must agree Firefly Hot Sauces are so hot, yet full of flavor.  We were able to taste the freshness of the simply home grown ingredients.  I love that no artificial preservatives, colors, or thickeners are ever used. And I am still in awe that each and every ingredient is chopped by hand and that same hand is used to bottle each and every sauce including the fun and unique labeling. on to our heat seeking adventure with FireFly Hot Sauce!!
Tear Jerker
There is a reason why this deep red and thick hot sauce comes with a Warning:  "Try this sauce at your own risk.  Not responsible for sudden loss of breath.  If unable to stop crying or sweating it has done its job".
Okay, I have to admit...I was too scared to try FireFly Tear Jerker hot sauce, but my darling husband was up for the challenge.  He loves it, but said a tiny little bit goes a long ways.  He said even though it made him sweat profusely and almost numb, he could taste flavor mixed with the heat.  He loves to add a few dashes to chili and salsa for a added wallop of mind blowing heat.
Cosmic Curry
Look at the amazing list of ingredients in this beautifully colored and unique hot sauce: "Onions, Apple Juice, Chopped Garlic, Vinegar, Chilies, Brown Sugar, Curry Powder, Salt".

This FireFly hot sauce was slightly chunky and beautiful to look at, as well as eat.  It is a perfect marinade and also can be used to enhance stir fry or even as a dipping sauce.  If you enjoy curry you will love the flavor profile of Cosmic the curry shines its full flavor which each and every bit.

Garlic Fire
I am a total clove head..when it comes to garlic.  And FireFly Garlic Fire hot sauce marries the natural heat of prime fresh picked garlic with some amazing chilies that will "light up your a**!"  I love the after burn!  It is fantastic!!

I can't wait to try this in the next bloody mary I concocted.

Look at this beautiful trio of FireFly Hot Sauces.

 They also offer Original, Smokin' Apple and Kickin' Cayenne.

If you would like to learn more check them out on Facebook.
Thank you FireFly Hot Sauce for tauting our taste buds and lighting up our A**es!  It has been fun!

Disclaimer: FireFly Hot Sauce provided me with a free
samples of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if
I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product.



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