Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cartoon Network's Almost Naked Animals Volume 1 DVD and Products Review

Who here has heard of Cartoon Network's Almost Naked Animals program?

I am certain the ones of you that are smiling and chuckling saying, "I had heard of them", either are a parent, grandparent, school teacher, day care provider or someone else who is around children frequently (or a child at heart).

If you are wanting to make a huge impression on your little if your chance!  Did you know on SEPTEMBER 25, 2012...

Volume 1 of Almost Naked Animals, Cartoon Network's top rated animated series for children ages 6-11 will be out on DVD!!! (MSRP $6.99)

I had the privilege to receive a great party pack, including the Volume 1 of Almost Naked Animals to preview and review.

I must say the excitement in my house when the party pack arrived was contagious.  We all sat down for our Banana Cabana adventures with the animated cast of Almost Naked Animals.

I was surprised to see Volume 1 includes six different episodes for a total of 70 minutes of fun.  It starts out with "It's My Party - Episode 101.  This feature was a great introduction into Almost Naked Animals as they get a hotel ready for a big party.  My boys loved when everyone got trapped in the basement and thought is was great that the duck had to save them.

Also included is the "Saliva Drive - Episode 102", One Star Hotel - Episode 103, What Would Batty Do - Episode 104, Employee of the Month - Episode 105 and  Duck Vinci Code - Episode 106".

I have to admit my favorite was the Employee of the Month episode.  It was funny to find out Howie (fun-loving, hospitality-challenged canine manager of the beachfront hotel) had been awarding himself the employee of the month for years.  The adventure begins when the other staff members (underwear-clad animals) find out and challenge Howie to take on their jobs and do them even better.  It was a riot!!

Like I mentioned before we received a great party pack.  Don't worry...Beginning in Fall of 2012 you can purchase your own Almost Naked Animals items like:

The great I Heart Duck Tote for  $18!

Almost Naked Animals Coaster for $7.

A great Almost Naked Animals Pattern Journal for $11.

And my son's favorite!

Almost Naked Animals T-shirts from $17 and up!

If you are big into social media like I am, you are going to love this!

Almost Naked Animals are on Facebook and Twitter.  But get this!  Many of the Almost Naked Animal cast has their own Twitter or/and Facebook account!  How cool is that.

So here are each of their links just in case you want to follow and like.

Bunny (Hyperactive, hyper-enthused activities director) on Facebook.

Narwhal (egocentric entertainer who rules the hotel lounge) on Twitter and Facebook.

Duck (blissfully-oblivious, all-purpose "handyanimal") on Twitter and Facebook.

And don't forget the lead role of Howie on Facebook!

Disclaimer: Child's Play Communications provided me with a free
samples of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if
I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product.



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