Thursday, March 29, 2012

Madelaine Chocolate Company Online. Make Easter Extra Sweet and Special with Chocolate.

Spring and sprung and Easter is only a few more "hops" away. 

Are you ready to celebrate this sweet and fun holiday?

It is not too late to order some amazingly smooth and creamy Easter Chocolate Treats from....

I squealed with delight when I found out what a colorful and special line Madelaine Chocolate Company has available for purchase this year.  They so graciously sent out a wonderful assortment from their Easter line for review (and surprise my three boys with Easter morning...Thank you Madelaine Chocolate Company!) 

I think the best part is.....Madelaine Chocolate is affordable, yet very high in quality.  Which means you are in for an amazing smooth, rich and creamy treat. 

Oh!  I guess this is for Easter so I should have said your children or spouse or loved ones are going to be amazed and delighted (and you for the few that are enjoyed while preparing the perfect, eggtra special Easter Basket).  I had the opportunity last Summer to review and giveaway some of Madelaine Chocolate Confections..They were delicious and special.

Where do I begin this Easter journey?  Such a difficult and sweet task.

Did you know Madelaine Chocolate has a fun and unique Easter Game for sale that I have never seen before?

The Bunny Hop Hunt.  A fun game that involves solving rhyming riddles to figure out where the next treat is.  This game can be played with one or more children (or adults).

This Hoppin' Fun Chocolaty game comes with Milk Chocolate Truffle Filled Eggs, Caramel Filled Eggs, Crispy Eggs and Milk Chocolate Mini Rabbits...I knew after sharing the tasty de"tails" that you will want to sit in for a round of The Bunny Hop Hunt.

Yes, this game is the perfect basket stuffer, but what about all those colorful plastic eggs that need to be filled?  How about a HUGE 2 pound Bag of Assorted Easter Milk Chocolate Minis?

I was surprised at the wide variety of foil wrapped chocolate that came in this huge bag....eggs, chicks, bunnies... may not have children, so how about this gourmet option of FIVE Assorted Gift Bags?

Assortment includes: 6.5 ounces of solid milk chocolate eggs in bright springy floral foil. 6.5 ounces of rich dark chocolate eggs in jewel toned foil. 6 ounces milk chocolate and confectionery coated malt eggs. 5.5 ounces solid milk chocolate mini bunnies in cute tuxedo foils. 5 ounces Easter Dueggs™ Assorted flavors; peanut butter & raspberry in milk chocolate shell, strawberry & white chocolate truffle in milk chocolate shell, caramel & marshmallow in a milk chocolate shell.

I love how all these bags are perfect together or separate as gifts or Easter basket treats.

I must confess...I did sneak a few of these indulgent sweets, while photographing.  I was not disappointed.  Each and every bite was what I "egg"spected.  The dark chocolate eggs were so smooth and not bitter.  I loved them..they may not make it into the Easter baskets (sshhh....Don't Tell!).
I was concerned about the peanut butter and raspberry combination with the Easter Dueggs, but I should have know better than to worry.  Madelaine Chocolate Company definitely did their was a spiritual combination!!!  The strawberry and white chocolate was so creamy and sweet.  It reminded me of a strawberry shortcake dessert in a small package.

I can't believe I am going to say this......BUT!!!!.......If you are not a "Chocolate Lover" ((((shutter))))....

Madelaine Chocolate Company offers a fantastic "White Chocolate" option this Easter called the White Chocolate Gift Set - (15oz Solid Rabbit and Egg Gift Bag).
I photo shows more than just the smooth White Chocolate Easter treats....they looked to lonely and needs some "real" chocolate friends.

So who wants some Madelaine Chocolate Company Easter Treats????

Hop on over to their Website....Madelaine Chocolate Company and order right now!!
Receive 10% off your order by used Discount Code "spring10".
You can also connect with Madelaine Chocolate on Twitter and Facebook.

***Just a Friendly Reminder.....Mother's Day will be here before you know it!!  Don't forget Madelaine's Chocolate line to show your Mom how much you love her!***

Disclaimer: Madelaine Chocolate Company provided me with free
sample of their products to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if
I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review in return for the free products.

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