Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kindred Spirit Gifts - La Bella Baskets - Gifts with a Purpose - Review

I enjoy finding the perfect and most thoughtful gifts to give to others.  Sometimes it seems like a spend hours online shopping to fulfill my quest.  Months ago when I was on one of these quests I stumbled upon a site called Kindred Spirit Gifts.

While visiting Kindred Spirit Gifts I noticed they had a link to sign up to win a Gift Basket of the winner's choice up to $100.  Of course I had to enter, which was quick and easy.

While virtual shopping...I learned Kindred Spirit Gifts is run by a Stay at Home Mom...How wonderful is that!!  I love it!  And you can purchase La Bella Baskets directly from Kindred Spirit Gifts.

La Bella Baskets offers a large variety of custom created gift baskets and gourmet foods created by hand and shipped directly from their facility.

Over 300 unique gifts are shipped directly to the customers "ship to" address.

Your card enclosure is printed with a seasonal border and looks like a packing slip and placed on the top of the box.

Tracking information supplied on a daily basis for every order they have shipped to you via email.
All gift baskets are shipped ground. Ground shipping is a flat rate of $12.95 regardless of the size of the basket....which is an amazing deal to find, especially when you start looking around and see how Large some of the baskets are. you remember I said I signed up for a chance to win a gift basket up to $100 from Kindred Spirit Gifts...well recently I got that exciting email.....I WAS A WINNER!!!!

My mind raced with all the exciting gift baskets I could chose from.  Should I get something for my boys like the Kids Just Wanna Have Fun Care Package or the Kids Blast Deluxe Activity Car?

Or maybe something for my loving husband like the Gentleman Cigar Chest or Jim & Jack Together At Last Grilling Gift Basket (I know he would LOVE this one).

They even carry Holiday Gift Baskets for St. Patrick's Day and Easter just to name a few of the current holidays.

Well after at least two hours of deliberation...I know you all will be shocked on what I selected...being such a foodie!  I found something that our entire family could enjoy and savor....the....

The Grand Italian gift basket delivers everything you need for a grand Italian dinner! All the ingredients are here in this round tray basket. From appetizers to dessert and everything in between, you'll love this feast of Italian treats. You don't have to be Italian to enjoy the Grand Italian gift basket. 

What a beautiful presentation!  I felt like a child with excitement as I unwrapped the bow and clear packaging..which kept everything in place.
So many tasty and speciality food items. 
Perfect pasta and bread items for our Italian feast thanks to Kindred Spirit Gifts.
Okay, this was my favorite portion of this abundantly stocked Gift Basket...the sweets!  The Chocolate Filled Croissants were beyond anything I have ever had...I need to get more of these.

So what are you waiting for?  What Gift Basket are you going to send to a loved one..or enjoy yourself?  I would love to know.

Order today.  Don't forget to use id# 2684 and Jennifer McClain when ordering. 


  1. Chocolate croissants sound delish! Thanks for stopping by Sweepstakes Mama!

  2. Those baskets have beautiful presentation! I'm definitely going to be looking into this more. Thanks!

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