Saturday, December 31, 2011

Chococo Chocolate Cookbook by Claire Burnet Review

So how is everyone doing after the Christmas Holiday adventure?

Is everyone still in a food coma??

I know that I am still in recovery mode, but that I fine with that means I had an excellent time!

And excellent time looking over the most amazing and beautifully photographed Chocolate Cookbook that was provided at no cost for my review.

by Claire Burnet and photography by Jonathan Gregson.

I first want to say if you take a peek at this cookbook and are not drooling...there must be something wrong with you :)

I was delighted at all the wonderful color photographs that brought each and every page to life. If they could just figure out a way to incorporate smell-o-vision. YUUUMMMMM!!!

Chococo is laid out very nicely and easy to follow with a Table on Contents to get you started in the right direction....


The Chococo Story
Working with chocolate
Truffles & treats
Cakes & bakes
Cookies, bars, &drinks

Ice cream & sauces

The working with chocolate section of the book was very en lighting and I feel a necessary part, in order for the home cook to understand the unique and varietal challenges while working with chocolate. Everyone can learn from this clearly written introduction.

The way author Claire Burnet eloquently describes how to create the worlds most luxurious chocolate creations, leaves no questions unanswered. Anyone with the passion and love for chocolate will appreciate the skill and effort that was used to create Chococo.

You can learn to create over 65 Chocolate recipes in this 144 page colorful cookbook.

Anyone who takes the time to purchase this book will not be disappointed!

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