Thursday, November 10, 2011 Late Harvest Smoke Infused Olive Oil Review + Link to a Giveaway

Trust me!  You have never had olive oil like this!!

Extra Virgin California Olive Oil

But not only that...

To top it off....

It is Smoke Infused!!

Yes, Smoke Infused and Delicious!

I love having an option now besides using Smoke Salt to add that touch of smokiness to many of my dishes.

I am sorry, I was so excited I forget to tell all about this innovative couple, the Yee's who have created...

enFuso .... Smoke Infused Extra Virgin California Olive Oil

True Artisan....Handcrafted with love.

Let me share about the Smoke Infusion process so you can understand a little bit more about this uniquely special blend.

Infusion is done in a delicate manner to ensure the olive oil is protected from excess heat and particulates. This ensures that only the flavor is changed, but the core nature of the oil is not affected. At enFuso we use a hand selected blend of sweet, nutty, and aromatic woods that best complement the oils and a specially designed smoker that enables us to precisely control the heat and smoke levels. "
The Yee's were kind to share some of their artisan Smoke Infused Olive Oil with me to sample and review.  The provide a bottle of Late Harvest enFuso Smoke Infused Extra Virgin California Olive Oil.

They also sell Early Harvest and Unsmoked Early Harvest Olive Oils.  The main difference between the Early and Late harvest is the Early is more robust in flavor.

I started by just tasting the Last Harvest enFuso.  Wow!  It was amazing and delightfully smokey.  It truly reminded me of smoked salt, with out all the sodium.

The first recipe I tried enFuso in was some of my homemade "refrigerator" soup.  I call it refrigerator soup, because you never know what might be in it out of the fridge :).  The reason I decided to add a little of the Late Harvest enFuso was due to my addition of polish sausage as the meat.
It was a winning combination.  The enFuso really brought out the smokiness of the sausage and did not add any extra salt.

I can't wait to see what other uses I find for enFuso.  I know I am going to be trying it as a dipping oil with a little fresh cracked pepper.  Yummmm!

enFuso also offers many more suggestions and recipes on how to enjoy this artisan creation.  Such as:

Add to your guacamole to spike up the flavor or just drizzle on your taco or burrito. Add 
flavor to your carne asada or carnitas with a finishing spritz.
Sprinkle over an artisan salad instead of dressing, such as a field greens, walnut and goat cheese salad
or classic Caesar. Make a smoky vinagarette with balsamic vinegar, fresh garlic, salt, pepper and hint of Dijon.
Use in lower heat stir fry recipes or just finish off your hot stir fry with an extra squirt for flavor. Drizzle on potstickers or into the filling of your eggroll. Add smoky flavor to your fried rice.
Sprinkle over your popcorn, and toss in some grated Parmesan cheese for an amazing snack. Make some
home-made croutons or roast chex mix with smoked olive oil and add nuts for your quick energy fix.

Just to share a few from their website.

I am certain you are interested in trying some out yourself.

You can purchase directly off of enFuso's website store

And you can also enter to win some enFuso from one of their great giveaways. (Ends Dec 26, 2011)

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  1. I don't think many people realize how the quality of an olive oil will affect the end flavor of their recipe. Thanks so much for the review (and the recipe!)


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