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David Rio of San Francisco Endangered Species Chai Review Partners with International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)

David Rio Endangered Species Chai

So what does David Rio and Endangered Species Chai have in common?

David Rio has partnered with International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).

This amazing company which is based in San Francisco, California offers their tasteful line domestically and in over 25 countries....Donates a percentage of their profits from their Signature Tiger Spiced Chai sales to benefit the IFAW.

IFAW focus on protecting the welfare of tigers in the wild.  It is the world's largest international animal welfare organization whose animal advocacy work spans more that four decades with over 2 million members and numerous initiative to protect endangered species around the globe. 

So not only can you now enjoy the convience of David Rio Chai, but you can feel and know that you are helping by purchasing Tiger Spiced Chai.

David Rio sent me their amazing line of Endangered Species Chai to enjoy and review.

David Rio Chai is Kosher Certified and Gluten Free.  It contained No Hydrogenated Oil or Trans Fat. I has a 2 year shelf life (I don't ever see that being an issue!)
I am such a lucky girl!!!

First off...did you know you can enjoy David Rio Chai Hot, Blended or as a Chai on Ice?

Yes you is so simple.  If you want Hot Chai just mix the David Rio Chai powder with hot water or milk and enjoy. 

The way I love to make Chai is scald a few ounces of milk

....add the David Rio Chai mix

 stir and top off with Hot Water.

It is hard to decide but I think my favorite flavor I sampled was the David Rio Tiger Spice Chai.  It is just a perfect blend of spices including cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and ginger to combine into a cup of what Chai is suppose to be.  Very comforting and smooth.

The Elephant Vanilla was the first Chai recipe for David Rio and remains very popular.  They use natural vanilla which is know for its clean flavor.  I enjoyed the Vanilla accents with all the complex spices.  Very nice combination.  I see why this has continued to be popular.

Tortoise Green Tea.  I have no idea how David Rio was able to create this unique chai.  You can really taste the green tea flavor, even with the cinnamon, cardamom and vanilla in the mix.  Excellent! Excellent!

SUGAR FREE Orca Spice Chai. Splenda is used to create this Sugar Free version of Tiger Spice Chai.  It works great.  You will never miss the sugar!

Flamingo Vanilla Decaf Sugar-Free Chai.  I loved seeing a Decaf version offered.  As there are many out there who choose to not consume caffeine, but can't enjoy some tradition beverages.  Splenda is also used as the sugar substitute.  This is the equivalent to Elephant Vanilla, but with out the Caffeine and Sugar. 

I have saved the most unique for last Toucan Mango.   A "creamy tropical mixture of mango, black tea and premium spices, like cinnamon and cardamom. Especially delicious and refreshing as an ice blended smoothie or iced chai".  Don't turn up your nose...this is really good.  It is sweet and spicy and well balanced.

I was  honored  David Rio sent along a sample of their newest flavor Power Chai.  It is Dairy Free and truly Vegan!   Black tea and Japanese matcha are combined into a chai not for the faint of heart. It is rich and bold. "Enlivened with the traditional flavors of real chai spices including ginger, clove, cinnamon, star anise and cardamom. Powered with antioxidants from the matcha teas, it is delicately blended into a convenient mix".   I added a little more hot water to mine to mellow it.  It was very good.
Thank you David Rio for creating such a diverse line of Chai Products. 

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