Sunday, September 18, 2011

Truffle Truffle Halloween Scaramallows Review

I know it isn't even October yet....but we all know how the days fly by (like a witch on a broom stick...eeeeheeeheeeheee).

It is never too soon to start planning for this spooky, sweet, candy-laden Holiday.

If you are in the mood to trick or treat yourself into an amazing Artisan Treat created in a steaming are in luck (not a black cat crossing your path...eeeeeeee!!!!!).

Truffle Truffle has created a really fun and tasteful Confection this year to help celebrate!  And I am Celebrating...because Truffle Truffle let me sample one confection from their Spooky line...

Okay are you be SCARRRRREEEEDDDD??????


Truffle Truffle has combined three amazing flavors to create the treat of your life...on the night of all Hallows Eve.

Yes, I said three (cue the eire fog to start rolling in)!

#1....Melt-in-your mouth Caramels
#2... Housemade Flavored Marshmallows
#3...Enrobed in Chocolate

Each Scaramallow is topped with ghosts and skulls to delight the eyes (if you still have them by the end of the night....waaahaaahaaa)

And if you don't....let your mouth experience these two Fall Festive Flavor Combinations.  Combinations that are meant to be together for eternity!!!! (Because they taste so darn good!!)

Milk Chocolate caramel + Cinnamon marshmallow in Dark
 (YES, I SAID DARK!) Chocolate

Pumpkin Spice caramels + Vanilla Bean caramels in milk chocolate

All of these Scaramallows come in Truffle Truffle's 4-piece box which includes two scaramallows in each flavor.

If you are brave enough and want to experience this life changing concoction from Truffle Truffle!  You don't even have to get on your broom.....You can have some of your own Scaramallows at the touch of a keyboard from Truffle TruffleAnd you can show your fear and enjoyment to Truffle Truffle on Facebook and Twitter.


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