Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nature's Guru Instant Tender Coconut Water Powder Review

I love to find different methods to enjoy water and bring it to a whole different level.  One of my favorite ways is looking for convenient single serve packs to add to my water.  The single serve option makes it simple to transform a bottle, glass or cup of water into a new experience.

Nature's Guru has helped give me a whole new option to transform a simple drink of water in a special, flavorful and healthful experience by adding....

a Convenient On the Go pre measured pouch of INSTANT TENDER COCONUT WATER POWDER into 8 to 10 ounces of water. 

Nature's Guru was so kind to provide me a box of their Instant Tender Coconut Water Powder to sample and review.

Like I mentioned before I LOVE the Instant and Convenient packaging.  I also appreciate it is 100% Natural containing 5 Essential Electrolytes and a great source of Potassium.  It contains NO Preservatives and NO Artificial Flavors.

If you love Coconut Water, I am certain you will enjoy Nature's Guru Instant Tender Coconut Water!  It is so clean and refreshing.  The powder mixes up easily and dissolves totally into cold water. 

Above a spoke about Instant Tender Coconut Water Powder being a great source of Potassium.  Did you know, one serving has more potassium than a banana and over 15 times more than traditional sports drinks....which helps prevent muscle cramps and promote quicker recovery.

Nature's Guru Instant Tender Coconut Water Powder is perfect for marathon runners, bicyclists, swimmers, or someone that liked to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

Thank you Nature's Guru for providing a excellent and convenient way to enjoy healthful Instant Tender Coconut Water.

The Ultimate Hydrating Drink!

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  1. LOVE IT! Costs about $0.45/serving. I used to pay $1.49 per serving in the lower 48. Here in Barrow, AK, it's almost $4/serving. I am a physician and crazy health nut. One serving of coconut water is like getting an IV bolus. Your body will think you. Two servings per day is plenty. Best to mix in 16 oz of H2O for better hydration and absorption.


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