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Help with the School Transition Thanks to The Victoria Chart Company Review

I am always looking for new ways to use positive parenting with my three young boys. 

It seems like the challenges and struggles are constantly changing as they are all growing.  Our oldest is just getting ready to start the 2nd Grade in just a few days.  Our middle is making the HUGE step into Kindergarten.  And let's not forget our little blessing who is still working on infamous potty training.

Just last year I handmade a chart so I could help our middle son work through some problems he was encountering in his daily routine.  It was a way of trying to positively reinforce certain behaviors.  I will never forget how long it too me to get my chart, just so.  I am a perfectionist and everything have to be straight and just right.

If I only would have known about The Victoria Chart Company!    The company was founded in 2004 by Victoria Ballard. Like any parent who wants the best for their child, Victoria wanted to do all that she could for her two children, particularly, her son who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at 18 months.

Victoria discovered that a reward system she developed worked fabulously well for her children. It built their self-esteem helping them to become confident and, most importantly, proud of their progress.

The system worked so well that she has dedicated her time to creating tools for parents and professionals to help children and their families realise the power of developmental progress that comes from the simple process of Encourage & Praise™.

Today, The Victoria Chart Company™ is internationally recognized and is a specialist in creating products for positive development in children. Victoria and her team continue to research and develop new products for parents, carer givers and professionals to help children succeed.

I was so excited to be given three amazing Age specific, reward charts to start using with my boys and review.  They came just at the right time.  And we just started using them a few days help us get ready for the beginning of the school year. 

We hung all of our charts in the kitchen as eye level for each of our boys.  That way no one forgets there importance and to work with them everyday.  Our boys are SOOO EXCITED  to see and place their special sticker or check mark on their chart when they achieve a goal or have done a specific task well.  I enjoy reinforcing the positive achievement with verbal praise and a BIG HUG.  What an awesome way of creating a positive parenting environment.

My three year old is using the My Big Star Reward Chart (1yr+)

It is so colorful and fitting for what he is going through.  I love the simple pictures.  He is able to point at each goal and tell me what it is.  I love it!  It is perfect!  It is re-usable and easy to understand.
He was so excited to see that he was going to be part of this awesome charting.  It was fun to experience his excitement and interest. 
My son that is getting ready for Kindergarten is using the My Growing Up Chart (4yrs+).
It is perfect for the transition to school we are currently experiencing.  I also love that is is re-usable.  We used some of the extra tags to create personalized goals to help us maximize his achievements. 
As you can see by his priceless smile...he is very excited to be such a big boy and having a special chart of his own to work on.  What a great motivator!

Our oldest son is using the My Credit Chart (7yrs+).  It is a step up from the other two charts.  I was a little concerned that he would be jealous of the stickers on the younger brothers charts, as this chart you specifically use only a dry erase marker.

I was so wrong.  He felt he was the BIG brother and actually has a special pen that only his can use.  Plus he gets to count up his check marks everyday and write it on the bottom of the column (this is perfect as he is so into numbers). 
Busy writing his name!  There is also neat little goal boxes on the bottom of the chart to help motivate.

Using our Encourage & Praise™ charts will:

set goals to encourage both adult and child to work together;
provide a visual tool from which families can see progress and feel good about achievement;
and, act as a reminder and a focal point for all to work from.

As a result our Encourage & Praise™ reward system will enable children to:
see how well they are doing;
feel good about their progress;
build great self-esteem;
and, repeat their positive actions.

The Victoria Chart Companies products I received are very durable and re-usable.  I love the fact that you can personalize each chart by name, and goals + you can remove or erase the items that are on the chart.  They are worth every dollar....your children are worth this!

You can find out more on The Victoria Charts Company's webpage / Facebook / Join their Mailing List / Follow Victoria Charts Blog / or purchase these amazing charts (processed by Amazon)

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  1. Thank you Colleen for such a positive review. Families find huge comfort from using our charts, especially during the back to school period. It is great seeing photo's of your children with the charts too.


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