Sunday, August 21, 2011

Brothers-All-Natural Fruit Crisps and Disney Fruit Crisps Review

Healthy....Out of this world texture.....Flavor, flavor, flavor.....

NO SUGAR Added...NO Preservatives.....100% All Natural Real Sliced Fruit....

2 Fruit Servings per bag...SAME Nutrition as Fresh Fruit....

Low in Calories.....Light and Crispy.....Bursting with Flavor...

NO Sulphur Dioxide...1 Year Shelf Life

So do I have your attention?

I thought I did!

My boys thought they hit the jack pot when our package arrived from Brothers-All-Natural to review.

I best part for me was I still had the chance to steal a few pieces of this delicious, healthy and convenient fruit choice.  I am in LOVE and need to get a store locally to carry it. 

The boys of course wanted to try the Disney Fruit Crisps first.  Surprise! Surprise!

Who can blame them with this eye catching packaging.  The best part is the packaging getting their attention towards something healthy and the taste keeps them coming back for more.
I was pleasantly surprised, once the Disney packages were gone...and that happened lightening fast.  They went right to the non-Disney packaging.
The pictures on these bags are so colorful and capture the essence of bright flavors of all these freezed-fruits. 

It was so excited seeing how carefully Brothers-All-Natural treats their fruits.  I have never seen freezed dried fruit still in slices or natural pieces, like they have accomplished.
I have never seen Freeze-Dried Mandarin Oranges ever....that is until this amazing review for Brothers-All-Natural.  I need more of these.  Let me tell you how much these were loved around our house.  A fight broke out when the last bag was being opened...and I was part of it! 

Brothers-All-Natural carries a huge selection of fruits to please anyone young or old.  Fruit like:
Thank you Brothers-All-Natural for making a piece of fruit available anytime of the year with the same great flavors and health benefits from fresh fruit.

You are amazing!

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  1. Love the Fruit Crisps. Never had anything like them until I found them at Walmart one night. Now, I can't get enough, but I usually buy them from their website. They usually offer free shipping too.


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