Monday, July 25, 2011

Julia Baker Confections Chocolate Product Review

What do you think when you see the above photo?

How does it make you feel?

I know what I am thinking and how I am feeling....Happy, Excited, Mouth is watering, heart is pounding...Wishing I had a Julia Baker Chocolate in my hand.

I came across Julia Baker Confections on Facebook the other day (They are also on Twitter).  I so had to find out more!  The photos were so beautiful and I can only image how tasty the chocolate are.
"Chocolates from Julia Baker Confections aren't just food, they're an experience. They're the flavor of romance, the taste of decadence. One bite into the creamy luxury found in each piece and you'll discover how good chocolate can be. Julia Baker Confections' signature chocolate recipes include truffles and hand-cut artisan chocolates, ranging in flavors from dark ganache to passion fruit. Each piece is handmade, prepared with meticulous care and great attention to detail, making for a superior chocolate experience."  I can't wait for the heat of summer to disappear so I can try some of Julia Baker's Chocolates!

"Julia's chocolates, desserts, and cakes are currently available through private ordering and select high-end boutiques. Additionally, Julia's retail line of chocolates is available online at"


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