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Beanitos = Chips that are Healthy to eat! Corn & Gluten Free + High in Fiber Product Review

I am always on the look out to find new and improved ways to eat healthier and pass it along to my family.

I was so excited one night looking around online to have found a company I had never heard of before.  A company that has made a pledge to help out all you "Serious Snackers", by creating a healthy choice to meet your snacky cravings.  What a perfect concept put into action, a "delicious on-the-go snack that really satisfies without the empty calories of other chips."
  Beanitos come in four totally unique flavors and they were nice and sent me all of them to sample and review.

My all time favorite flavor and my oldest son's was the Chipolte BBQ. 

The smoky BBQ flavor left us wanting to lick out the bottom of the bag!  It was comical watching us share one of these bags.  It was contest to see who was going to get the last Beanito out of the bag.
Look at all the seasoning!  I know the picture is a little out of focus...but I had to take it quick so I could eat a few of them before my son took them off the plate.  The Chipolte BBQ had a very nice crunch and very satisfying.  The best part is they are "packed full of what you love in a traditional snack chip and provide nutrition packed servings with heart healthy fiber and complete protein!"

I think the prettiest Beanitos are the Pinto Bean and Flax.  The color is beautiful and the flax really stand out on each and every delightful chip.

I had no idea you could turn a pinto bean into anything but refried beans, but Beanitos showed me a different school of thought.  These chips are perfectly seasoned with a light hint of salt which blends perfectly with the nutty undertones of the flax. They are "made from simple, all natural ingredients including whole pinto beans, whole brown flaxseeds, whole grain rice, and sea salt, for a delightfully crunchy, deliciously nutty flavor the whole family can enjoy."

The Cheddar Cheese Beanitos took my taste buds by surprise.  Beanitos use the Pinto Bean and Flax chips and top them with REAL Cheddar Cheese.  They "are chocked full of heart healthy fiber and complete protein and are made with whole pinto beans, and whole grain rice."

But I was taken off guard by the spicy undertone.  Don't get me wrong, they are very good, but spicy.  My boy's left these for me to enjoy as they thought they were too hot.  I was OKAY with that..more for me to enjoy and not have to fight over.  I was curious to find out what added the heat element so I checked out the ingredients, guess it must be what is listed as "spices".

The last flavor of Beanitos is Black Bean.  "They're made with just five, simple, all natural ingredients, including whole black beans, whole grain rice, pure vegetable oil, and sea salt for a delightful flavor."
 As you can see they are a wonderful black color.  The Black Bean Beanitos (try to say that five times in a row..tongue twister) are seasoned perfect with the sea salt. 

My only dislike about these were they seemed a little oily to me, but not enough to make me stop eating the whole little bag.  My boys loved them and enjoyed dipping them in salsa.

Beanitos are lab tested and certified to be low glycemic! Beanitos Black Bean Chips have a GI (glycemic index) of 33 and GL (glycemic load) of 3. Beanitos Pinto Bean and Flax Chips have a GI of 44 and a GL of 4. Beanitos Chipotle BBQ have a GI of 42 and a GL of 4. Beanitos Cheddar Cheese have a GI of 43 and a GL of 4. Those other guys who make corn and potato chips don't bother to test, because they know their chips aren't low glycemic!

Beanitos Bean Chips are lab tested and certified Gluten Free! They're also Wheat Free and Soy Free, too! All four flavors of Beanitos tested less than 3 PPM (Parts Per Million) of Gluten!

Fiber makes you feel full, and Beanitos Bean Chips have more fiber in a single serving than some chips have in a whole bag! Compare the fiber in Beanitos to the fiber in corn and potato chips and you'll see the only thing those other chips are high in is empty calories!

A complete protein supplies essential amino acids, our bodies' building blocks. Beanitos have 2½ times the protein of corn and potato chips — and theirs is not 'complete' protein.

Ounce for ounce,Beanitos Pinto Bean and Flax Chips (600mg) are a great source for Omega 3s! Among its many benefits, Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids (EFA's) promote heart health by supporting a healthy cardiovascular system, healthy cholesterol levels and healthy blood pressure levels.

Beans without gas???  Yes it is possible thanks to Beanitos!

You can purchase Beanitos via online at the Snack Warehouse or they are on sale at many locate retailers.

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