Friday, March 4, 2011

Blog Grand Re-Opening! Thanks to MiMi and Samantha's Day

It has been like Christmas this week thanks to MiMi's suggestion on my blog question reference wanting to have my blog professionally designed.  Thank you MiMi - I owe you big -

I'm not worthy!

As you can see - I made my choice on getting my blog professionally designed and I couldn't be happier! 

I selected - Samantha's Day

Words cannot express how HAPPY I am with what Samantha's Day has done for my blog. (there still maybe a few more tweaks along the way, but it is pretty much all done)  She is sooooo awesome to work with and kept me up to date on every step of this process.  She was and still is so patient with me, while I learned and still am learning about how a blog is set up. 

And my Goodness she was so FAST!!!!!                                                                                       


 I LOVE IT!!!!

I am absolutely amazed at how she can look at photos of people as well as pets and make a perfect fun computer image.  My boys love looking at the header and talk about what they are doing!  It is so much fun.

What a great week!!!!  So what do you all think????

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  1. So super cute!!!! I LOVE the new design almost as much as I love MiMi!

    Samantha's Day did a fantabulous job!

  2. It's really cute. A makeover always makes a girl feel good!

  3. I'm so glad you like it! Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you! Anything just name it! :D

  4. So cute!!!! I knew she'd do a wonderful job!! :)
    That header is PERFECT!!

  5. What a beautiful new site! (Now the rest of us are unworthy in comparison. GOOD JOB, COLLEEN. Haha...kidding :D) That header is absolutely adorable and looks like it reflects your family perfectly!

  6. Thanks everyone for all the great comments! I love blogging!!!


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