Thursday, February 10, 2011

It is Pinktastic Swaptastic Review Time!!!


It is official thanks to Mamarizzi and Mimi - The Living in France Blog.  You will all understand why I made mention of her Blog site name in a few moments.

This swap was Pink-o-lish-ous-ly Fun for me - especially being the only female in my house (3 boys, 1 husband, and all our pets are males) I don't normally see any pink around, unless it has involved a laundry load gone crazy with a red item sneaking into a white load :)

This package was the best!!!

Two of my "men" were very excited about opening the package!
                                                           Look at all the PINK!!!!

                                   The candy did not last long at all - and I didn't even get 1 lick :)

Here is my most favorite items in the whole box - this wonderful PINK Sparkly Heart Plate and the multi-size heart cookie cutters.   I just used the plate to photograph my newest Chocolate Torte Recipe that I will be featuring very soon on my blog with a great Chocolate Giveaway sponsored by Lindt Chocolate.

Check out this great PINK pen and PINK magnetic note pad (my newest grocery shopping list now attached to my fridge). Notice the cute Eiffel Tower - perfect for my Bloggy Buddy "Living in France"

A great PINK zipper case to hold my new Aloe Free Lotion (Thanks Mimi for noting my allergy :) ), PINK emery boards, PINK shower pouffe, PINK microfiber headband, PINK towels, PINK nail polish, and PINK enchanted pomegranate scented flavored lip balm (with a picture of the Eiffel Tower on it :) ).

                                    And a perfect PINK tote to put all my PINKTASTIC items in.

Mamarizzi and Mimi you guys are the best.  Thank you for such a fun and great experience!!!!



    i knew MiMi would put something fantastic together for you!!

  2. That is SOOOO GREAT! I too am the lone female... two boys and a dad. I can really appreciate the need for some girlness!!!!

  3. Besides the candy I bet the boys didn't want to much with all the awesome pinkness!
    What a great pink pampering kit!

  4. You got Valentine's funfetti too. Everyone got some. I have to go find it. That package is seriously pink ;)

  5. Pink is so much fun. Sweet stuff there!

  6. Hey, that looks pretty good! lol :)
    I LOVE what you sent me!! LOVE. I have the post almost ready and will go up this weekend or early next week. Is your computer better?

  7. That package looks amazing! I can't wait to participate in one of Mamarazzi's swaps! So fun!

  8. Thanks everyone for the great comments. And to answer my Swap Partner MiMi's question. No I still don't have my computer back....HP has now agreed to send me a brand new compter to replace my defective one, so I now wait for it to arrive.

  9. Mom of 2 boys here! Isn't it great to get a PINK package full of nothing but great stuff for you?! I love the little memo pad.

  10. I love all things pomegranate! Just a tad bit jealous on that one! The plate is sooo cute! And the dots look yummy. We like dots here too! What an awesome package!

  11. I love Mimi and had to see what she sent you..very cool indeed

  12. Isn't Mimi the BEST? I love what you sent her too!

  13. Seriously as I am going through everyone's loot, I keep seeing the Funfetti cake mix and I am soooo jealous. I am officially on a mission to get some. lol

  14. LOVE your package!! Mimi did a great job! I love the little memo pad and pen...and I really want some of those V-Day Dots!

  15. Super cute stuff. I love that notepad.

  16. I LOVE MiMi! She is one of my all time favorite people. Looks like she didn't disappoint either.
    I want a sparkly heart plate!


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