Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy List - WooooHooo

Well - My first item to add to my Happy List this week is......

Thank God! My computer is back from being fixed and I no longer have to try to manage on a borrowed TINY Notebook computer from a dear friend.  Wow - It so reminds you how much technology means.

I have my hair cut scheduled for Monday -

Time to get my long "locks" cut off so I can donate them to Locks of Love and go to the media with the news to help spread the message about Cervical Cancer Awareness Month.  I am excited and a bit nervous to go back to short hair - but it is well worth it!

By the way have you gotten your pap this year???

Was a extremely busy week at work - Glad the weekend is hear to enjoy with my family.

And only 5 more days until I am on my way to LA - Thanks again Coffee-mate!



  1. i cannot wait to see your hair cut!!

  2. oh wow you have beautiful hair but what a great cause you are doing it for!
    Yes I had my Pap smear back in July. Even though its not the nicest thing it really could save your life!

  3. Working Computer, Haircut, and LA in 5 days.....that even makes me happy!

  4. Thanks Ladies for all the great comments. I am nervous and excited - will be posting a update and photo late tommorrow.

  5. Following you on GFC. I can't wait to hear about your Coffe Mate trip. I was hoping to get picked
    Fellow Brew Crew Member


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