Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Happy List for the Week :)

I decided this week to post a Happy List like this great Blog I follow - *DandelionWishes* . Check out her link at the bottom of my Blog.

I received a wonderful and unexpected Surprise in the mail this past week from Gooseberry Patch.  Let me explain - I believe around a year ago I submitted a recipe on the Gooseberry Patch website  If I remember right they were having a contest of some sort for traditional recipes that have been handed down.  I submitted a great recipe for German Anise Cookies that my Grandmother shared with me years ago.  The reason I asked for it was that my mother was talking about these great cookies that she use to eat as a girl and hadn't had them for a very long time.  She didn't have the recipe but believe her mom - my Grandmother would. 

Well I emailed my Grandma in 2006 and asked about it.  This is what she said: "You can buy these cookies anytime in Germany - small little fancy bag for $2 or $3 Quite expensive.

German Anise Cookies (They are touchy but once you figure them out it works).

2 med.size eggs      1 cup white sugar     3/4 tsp.Anise extract       1 cup flour

In small bowl beat eggs on high speed for 4 minutes ..Gradually add sugar ...beating on high for 10 min. until thick ... Add extract and beat in flour on low speed ..

Drop cookie from a rounded teaspoon on greased cookie sheet . Let stand to dry overnight 10 to 12 hr.. Do not refrigerate ....Bake at 350 (on top rack) for 10 to 12 min. .

I spray my cookie sheet lightly and wipe off excess ....I also leave mine set out in the sunroom for about 8hrs. during the day and bake in evening...I bake mine on a air tray and remove them from the tray as soon as I take them from the oven ..

They always taste the same but sometimes they do not get like a pillow top [shiny].

Good luck ..I have had good ones and not so good ..Herta says room temp for the eggs .. You will have to experiment . Love Grandma"
I am sooooo excited the recipe was selected for the German Anise Cookies to be included in the upcoming cookbook "Sunday Dinner at Grandma's" published by the Gooseberry Patch.

I can't wait to share the great news with everyone!!! I love Gooseberry Patch and can't wait for this great family recipe to be enjoyed by others!  The best part is they will give me a discount if I order five or more of the books - so if any family members are interested - just let me know and I will get the order placed.  It sounds like the cookbook is due out the end of December. 

Did I mention that I am so honor and excited.  This is just great to have the family recipe to be saved for our generations and others to enjoy. 


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Book Review - Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!

I had the opportunity to read a delightful book to my three boys earlier tonight.  It is called Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! by Mo Willems

There is a definite reason why this book is a Caldecott winner.  The story line is hilarious!  It starts with a bus driver speaking directly to the reader to not let the pigeon drive the bus when he is gone.  As soon the bus driver leaves, the pigeon starts a dialogue with the reader as to how he wants to drive the bus.  You will have to read it and see if the poor pigeon ever gets to drive the bus :) 

I really enjoyed reading this book to my children.  It was so much fun using voice inflection to make the story come to life.  The illustrations are very simple, as you can see by the cover of the book but so true to the story line.  My boys ages 6, 5 and 2 loved it.  They laughed through the whole book and said it was so FUNNY!  It was wonderful seeing them interact with the pigeon as the story was told.  It makes everyone want to talk to the pigeon as if the scene is really taking place.  This will definitely become a favorite of ours.  The only question/disappointment was from my six year old on how the story ended (but I can't tell you that and wreak the ending to the story).  Let me just say he wasn't ready for the story to end yet.

As soon as we were done reading the book my six year old wanted to read it by himself.

You can purchase this great book from pamondon online.  I have attached the link below - otherwise you will see their ad on the top right side of my blog page.  You can click right on there to bring you directly to their site.

I want to take this opporunity to thank Pamondon for allowing me to reveiw one of the many great books they have for sale on their site.  They are such a great company with a small town feel (which many times is missing so often with online shopping).  I already placed my first order with them for a book called "Your Favorite Seuss - A baker's dozen by the one and only Dr. Seuss".  It arrived in a timely fashion at a great price! Go check out Pamadon's site and see what you have been missing - AND find out what happened to the pigeon.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fiber Gummies Winner!

I am so excited to be a Fiber Gummies Winner from Facebook - actually this is my second time winning Fiber Gummies on Facebook (last time I won a jar of Fiber Gummies and a water bottle).  This time I won a jar of Fiber Gummies.  Check it out.
Fiber Gummies are awesome and so tasty.  My boys love to take them.  My 2 year old calls them "Gum" and asks for them as soon as supper is over.  It is amazing how much they have helped him stay regular.

If you are not familiar with the product.  You definately need to check them out at .  They are having a great giveaway on there site that you can sign up to win.  Good Luck.

Here is a little info on Fiber Gummies :
Pedia-Lax® Fiber Gummies — Daily Fiber


Great tasting Pedia-Lax Fiber Gummies are sugar-free with natural fruit flavors. Finally there's a delicious daily fiber supplement to help kids stay regular.*

Product Details:

For kids ages 2-11

Fiber helps promote regularity*

1.5 grams of fiber per gummy

Source of fiber: Polydextrose

Penguin-shaped gummies deliver fiber in a chewable, kid-friendly form

Sugar-free, zero calories

Great tasting, all natural fruit flavors

Xylitol, the sweetener used in Pedia-Lax Fiber Gummies may reduce the risk of cavities

Easy to incorporate into daily routine

This product is not a laxative
Trust me you need to give these a try for your child/ren.  You won't be disappointed.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Thank You Betty Crocker

Can you believe my luck?  I was one of the 100 twitter followers of Betty Crocker to win a great prize pack.  All it required was being a twitter follower and when they reached 9,000 followers they did a random drawing.  And with a SMILE I was selected!!!  Check out what they sent me :)
A great re-useable shopping bag, 6 cake mixes, 3 muffin mixes, 3 cans of frosting and a great spoon.
They are doing another giveaway for twitter followers when they reach 11,000 followers - and they are only need approx. 450 more followers - so maybe you can be a winner next time - just follow @BettyCrocker on twitter to have a chance.
Here is what a made today with the Yellow Betty Crocker Cake Mix

I found this great receipe on it is a Pineapple Upside Down cake.  It was so easy to make with the Betty Crocker yellow cake mix.  I didn't have rings of pineapple so I used chunks and it turned out wonderful.  I love it with a bit of Cool Whip on the side.  Here is a link to the recipie. .  I love  - I can always find something new to make and try.

Saturday, September 4, 2010 Winner

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you  I was one of the lucky 5000 winners for the National Underwear Day giveaway.  Check out the pair they sent me to try.
They also sent me a code to use for $10 off my next $50 Purchase.  I am planning on taking a look at there website later today to see what they have to offer.  Did you know all there US orders ship free so there is no cost for shipping - Wow!  That helps save alot of money.  They even offer Bras, men's underwear, tees, camis and sleepwear. 
Let me know what you think of this great find!  Did you order something???

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oregon Chai Giveaway

I was so excited to find out about a twitter party being sponsered by Oregon Chai.  My huband and I love Oregon Chai products.  It is amazing how great they taste to drink as well as to bake with.  One of my new favorites is the Oregon Chai Apple Cheesecake.  You can find the recipe at .  Give it a try and let me know what you think. 

Who knows maybe I can get Oregon Chai to sponser a giveaway on my site.  I would love that as I am sure you would also - give me some feedback and let me know everyone.

Anyway back to the awesome Twitter party.  I actually won one of the giveaways.  I was so excited.  Check out what I was sent:  I had found some "ME TIME" to enjoy my prize.  What a great way to relax and slow down to enjoy life.  Thank you again Oregon Chai