Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy List :)

Wow, are are so many things I could reflect on for my official happy list.  But I think the biggest is the honesty of Mamarazzi.  Thank you so much Mamarazzi for reaching out to me and helping me understand blog etiquette and sharing some other much needed information.  You are the best and you have my vote for Top Blog 2010 . So anyone that is reading this can click onto the Top Blog 2010 and vote for OurDandelionWishes.  She so deserves its.

Well another Happy List item is - I am participating in my 1st Blog Swap.  It is going to be so awesome.  Thank you  Sami and Evelyn  for the opportunity to feel like a kid again with the 12 Days of Christmas Swap.  I already have some great ideas!

I also continue to complete a lot of my Christmas baking and Candy making as you can see by my other posts.  I love the Holiday Season and the smell of all the goodies baking.  I found out earlier in the week that King Arthur Flour is going to be sponsoring a giveaway on my site in a week or two.  It is going to be awesome.

My knee after surgery continues to heal very slowly.  But I am making Baby Steps - and that is progress.  Thank the Lord.



  1. aww you are so sweet!! thanks for your kindness,'re a doll!!

    thanks for linking up your happy list!!

  2. I love the smell of goodies baking too. Really say the holidays are here!

  3. So true, So true Jen - Today I am going to be making more peanut brittle and sour cream spritz cookies.

  4. You just can't beat holiday baking. Yum. Hope your knee is back to 100% soon. Have a great holiday weekend!

  5. Thanks Aubrey and hope you have an excellent holiday weekend yourself.

  6. Yea for swaps! I keep coming to peek at your blog and find myself drooling and hungry every time. All these goodies look so good. You need to post some exercise tips to counteract all the yumminess. Haha!


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