Monday, November 29, 2010

German Anise Cookie Recipe - Anise Hats Thanks Gooseberry Patch

I received a wonderful and unexpected Surprise in the mail this past week from Gooseberry Patch. Let me explain - I believe around a year ago I submitted a recipe on the Gooseberry Patch website Gooseberry Patch. If I remember right they were having a contest of some sort for traditional recipes that have been handed down. I submitted a great recipe for German Anise Cookies that my Grandmother shared with me years ago. The reason I asked for it was that my mother was talking about these great cookies that she use to eat as a girl and hadn't had them for a very long time. She didn't have the recipe but believe her mom - my Grandmother would.

Well I emailed my Grandma in 2006 and asked about it. This is what she said (I have included photos from the double batch I just made) : "You can buy these cookies anytime in Germany - small little fancy bag for $2 or $3 Quite expensive.

German Anise Cookies (They are touchy but once you figure them out it works).

2 med.size eggs 1 cup white sugar 3/4 tsp.Anise extract 1 cup flour

In small bowl beat eggs on high speed for 4 minutes

 ..Gradually add sugar ...beating on high for 10 min. until thick

 ... Add extract and beat in flour on low speed ..

Drop cookie from a rounded teaspoon on greased cookie sheet .

Let stand to dry overnight 10 to 12 hr.. Do not refrigerate ....Bake at 350 (on top rack) for 10 to 12 min.

I spray my cookie sheet lightly and wipe off excess ....I also leave mine set out in the sunroom for about 8hrs. during the day and bake in evening...I bake mine on a air tray and remove them from the tray as soon as I take them from the oven ..

They always taste the same but sometimes they do not get like a pillow top [shiny].

Good luck ..I have had good ones and not so good ..Herta says room temp for the eggs .. You will have to experiment . Love Grandma"

I am sooooo excited the recipe was selected for the German Anise Cookies to be included in the upcoming cookbook "Sunday Dinner at Grandma's" published by the Gooseberry Patch.

I love Gooseberry Patch and can't wait for this great family recipe to be enjoyed by others! The best part is they will give me a discount if I order five or more of the books - so if any family members are interested - just let me know and I will get the order placed. It sounds like the cookbook is due out the end of December.

Did I mention that I am so honored and excited. This is just great to have the family recipe to be saved for our generations and others to enjoy.


  1. How exciting! You've been published! Theses cookies look absolutely delicious.

  2. Thanks DanielleisNesting - I am currently working on another batch. These don't stick around long at my house and I need some for my goodie baskets.

  3. Colleen, my mouth is watering. I saw your anise cookies and I can taste them all the way from your house to my house. Nothin' says lovin' like Anise Cookies for the oven. I'll be waiting for my share. Mom.

  4. Thank you so much! My mom used to make these cookies when we were growing up and I can't find the right recipe. This looks like the one. Just found some anise seeds on a hike and I am going to try it with them. It was always so exciting when they got the tops!

  5. I am so glad you found this recipe. I hope it is the one. I love family recipes and the traditions behind them. Please let me know how they turn out. Good luck.

  6. Hi, These were my grandmothers cookies too! I was obsessing over these cookies for years. 2 suggestions 1. They're best made on a cold dry day 2. Don't use good flour such as "better for bread" for me they com out best with the cheaper bleached flour. it has less gluten, therefore they will rise a little higher. Take care, Frederick


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