Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rubbermaid Trash Cans are the BEST!!

Check out my Winning Entry in the Rubbermaid Liner Lock Trash Can Giveaway - here is the link and also what I stated-

**Warning this one is Gross** Read with Caution!
The worst trash can liner story I can think of is when my 5 year old was in the kitchen and suddenly felt like he was going to get sick. I stood him in front of the trash can just in case - well the just in case OF COURSE happened! I had just put the liner in the can so guess what - as soon as his stomach contents hit the liner it fell in and the vomit kept a coming - all over the inside of the trash can and the top of the liner. Least to say I took it all outside afterwards and hosed everything off. Boy I can still smell that terrible smell as I type this.

Retiring the old Rubbermaid 4 the NEW!

I was so excited to win and my son is "embarrassed".  He loves the new Trash Can but can't believe someone actually wanted to hear what happened when he got sick.  I love the Rubbermaid Lock Liner Trash Can - it is a God send - especially having 3 very active boys - the liner stays in place and the trash goes where it belongs without a mess.  My 2 year old is infactuated with it - He loves to open the pop up lid and throw things away - as he say "way, way". 

Thank you so much Rubbermaid - your products are wonderful - I should also say my Family Thanks you - your the best!