Saturday, June 5, 2010

Who here LOVES Candy

Who here LOVES Candy??  I do!!!  I do!!!  Being a candy addict I am always on the search for the best candy at a great price.  I enjoy reliving my childhood through candy and all the memories it brings back.  My newest and best find has been  The prices are excellent - the shipping is fast - and they have an outstanding selection.

Check out what I got for $15.00 - or should I say Me and my three boys received -

A great sand box bucket and pail - box of Swedish Fish - Jumbo Lollipop - 3 rolls of Smarties - box of Mike and Ike's - box of Tropical Chewy Lemonehead & Friends - rope of Laffy Taffy - package of Sour and Sweet Starburst - Charms Sweet & Sour sucker - a Cow Tail - Pop Rocks - 2 Ring Pops - package of Dubble Bubble Gum - Lightning Bugs Gummy Candy - Buggin Glow Pop w/ a push button that makes the jar glow + the jar can be used later to catch real bugs - and a great Blair Candy magnet

Now if all of the that hasn't gotten you into the mood to eat candy - I don't know what will - Check out - You won't be disappointed.  You can also follow them on twitter @BlairCandy and @candypam.

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