Saturday, June 5, 2010

Who here LOVES Candy

Who here LOVES Candy??  I do!!!  I do!!!  Being a candy addict I am always on the search for the best candy at a great price.  I enjoy reliving my childhood through candy and all the memories it brings back.  My newest and best find has been  The prices are excellent - the shipping is fast - and they have an outstanding selection.

Check out what I got for $15.00 - or should I say Me and my three boys received -

A great sand box bucket and pail - box of Swedish Fish - Jumbo Lollipop - 3 rolls of Smarties - box of Mike and Ike's - box of Tropical Chewy Lemonehead & Friends - rope of Laffy Taffy - package of Sour and Sweet Starburst - Charms Sweet & Sour sucker - a Cow Tail - Pop Rocks - 2 Ring Pops - package of Dubble Bubble Gum - Lightning Bugs Gummy Candy - Buggin Glow Pop w/ a push button that makes the jar glow + the jar can be used later to catch real bugs - and a great Blair Candy magnet

Now if all of the that hasn't gotten you into the mood to eat candy - I don't know what will - Check out - You won't be disappointed.  You can also follow them on twitter @BlairCandy and @candypam.

My most unique item on my Desk :)

I came across this question on the Coffee-mate Brew Crew (which I am a proud member) website and wanted to take the time to answer - What is the most unique personal item on your desk? Why do you have it? What does it say about you?

There is no doubt what is the most unique and personal item on my desk - My Pink Flamingo Pen with flowing Pink Feathers and the Flamingo body lights up when you write - see

Let me explain my four year old son gave this to me as a Birthday gift in March - He is a very fun and free spirited child.  So what does this say about me.  It reminds me to enjoy life and not take it so seriously all the time - I enjoy seeing life through the eyes of a child and love being a mother - Pink Flamingos and all.