Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Locks of Love

I love reaching personal goals I have set - especially my goal of running again. It has been amazing seeing how excited my three boys are about "mommy" putting on her running shoes and actually going out for a run. My oldest was so proud of my participiation with the Cornhusker Torch Run, he even shared the news with his teacher (who passed it on to me).
It is wonderful seeing how my goal setting is making such a positive difference in my children's lives. It was a great way to reach a personal goal and spread the message of physical fitness across the state.

Well my newest goal is donating my hair to Locks of Love. Lately I have been so busy caring for my own illness, my husband illness, and our wonderful children I haven't had my hair cut. I was trying to find the time in our busy schedule to make an hair appointment - but then had a second thought. Since it was already growing out - why not let it continue and donate it to someone who needs hair. What a great way to pay back all the wonderful deeds that have been down to our family during our illnesses. Plus it is another goal to reach and teach first hand the importance of giving to my boys. We may not have a lot of money (especially right now - lots of Doctor bills to pay) but money is not necessary to make a positive impact on your family and others.

I have explained to my oldest that I am going to grow my hair out so someone who is sick and doesn't have any can have mine. He relates this to a young friend (now 7 years old) that had cancer and went through treatment - she lost all of her hair. He thought this was a great idea - he asked if they would cut off all my hair and make me bald. I told him no - we would measure it every two weeks and see how it is growing. I have to have 10 inches at min. to donate. He loves math so that is something he can watch and record on his calander in his room. I love teaching/leading by example - it is something I have built upon with the help of FishfulThinking.com - it is an excellent resource for positive parenting.


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