Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How Motherhood Has Changed Me

I would like to share with you all on How Motherhood has Changed Me since it is so close to Mother's Day.

I debated over many many different topics - including words you never thought you would ever say, that is until you became a mother. Which one of my favorites is "no that tree is not a bathroom, go inside and use the toliet". Boy you can't tell I am a mother of three very active boys! Then I thought I could share one of my very funny stories from parenthood. Like the day I went outside to check on my two older boys (at the time 3 and 4) because I had ran inside to start water boiling for lunch - it had been less then two minutes and to my suprise...they were both totally naked inside their playset playing bath.

But I think I have decided to share the most memorable moment as How Motherhood Has Changed Me. It was the evening of December 21, 2007 - I was 10 weeks along with my pregancy with our soon to be third son. I recieved a phone call from my doctor. He stated I had cervical cancer - it was a total shock as I had no recent history of abnormal pap smears. He stated I didn't have to make the decision right now - but it would have to be made if I wanted to continue the pregnancy or end it and start treatment for the cancer. In my mind there wasn't a decison that had to be made. I found out about my cancer due to this blessed pregnancy and I knew the only choice was to save my Guardian Angel I was carrying. I felt as a mother I needed give this angel a chance for life, which meant I was in turn risking my own life for the life of my unborn child - and the possiblity of not being around to rasie my other two boys and be there for my husband.

My children and family are my life and will continue to be until my last breath here on earth. I am so blessed to enjoy each and every new day - the experiences, struggles, challenges and rewards of being a mother. Happy Mother's Day to you all.

Make sure you take the time to enjoy the little things with your child this Mother's Day. Take a Beauty Detour with your children - At least once a week, take a 5-minute "beauty detour" with your child. The goal is to use the 5 minutes to notice something beautiful or inspiring or amazing or funny that you would not normally have noticed. For example, if you drive your child to school, leave 5 minutes earlier and drive down a street you don't normally take. Stop on the side of the road and notice something beautiful about the trees or the houses or the sky. Thank you fishfulthinking.com for this great activity.


  1. What a great blog - I plan on following!

  2. Wow! Who knows if you would have found out unless you had been pregnant. That is amazing!


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