Friday, May 14, 2010

Coffee-mate Sticks packs are the best!

I am a Decafe coffee drinker - which at times limits the flavor choices - but Coffee-mate has solved that problem. With so many flavors to choose from - the possiblities are endless! I am able to relax at night with french vanilla and get my morning going with a traditional cup of orginal Coffee-mate. I love Coffee-mate :).

But the best part is Coffee-mate stick packs. They are awsome I always have them on hand along with my Nescafe Decafe stick pack - so no matter where I am at, all I need is a little hot water - and I have the perfect drink.

In the past when I would attend trainings I was always left out and couldn't enjoy a cup of coffee because it was always regular - but with the help of Nescafe and Coffee-mate I don't have to go with out - I always have the choice when I want a relaxing and enjoyable cup of coffee with Coffee-mate. I am even to the point I keep the Stick packs in my glove box that way if I run out - I always know where there is more. I can't imagine life as it was before the Coffee-mate stick packs.

The best part is I have been selected and just received today my Coffee-mate sampling kit to share with co-workers so they can become Coffee-mate stick pack addicts like me :) Coffee-mate you rock! Thank you for adding flavor to my life!


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