Thursday, April 29, 2010

Reaching A Goal

I am so exicted that I am finally able to reach one of my goals since my Cervical Cancer Diagnosis.

I just wanted to share how as a parent when you are able to reach one of your own goals - it can make a positive difference in your child's life and be a life lesson to them.

Here is my story - please share yours!

I am a busy mother of three boys - I was diagnosed with cervical cancer back in Dec. of 2007 while in my 1st trimester with my third son - I am a fighter and always will be! After giving birth in July of 2008 - I had to go through major surgeries - and was finally CANCER - FREE as of Oct. 2008 - but had a long healing road ahead of me -a Large mass was found Sept. 2009 during my 1st year cancer check up - I had to go back in for major surgery again Oct 2009 -- after a long road again of healing -

I was finally told I could start running again! That was a major goal in my life to be able to do that again. I love to run - it gives me time away to refocus and re-energize and make myself feel better physically! My boys are so excited to see my "running shoes" come out of retirement - like I always tell them if you put your mind to it you can make it happen. They think is a great that I am able to run once again and I don't have a "hurt tummy" anymore (and so do I).

I just found out today that I get to participate in the "Cornhusker State Games" Torch Run! I get to run a two mile streach with the torch as it makes its way across the State of Nebraska to the State Games - I am so excited and proud that I am physcially able to do this - what a great way to show my boys that anything is possible if you set a goal to take the steps to reach it - The sky is the limit!!! I love being able to teach my children by example - Today has been a great day in that respect!


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