Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ring in the New Year with Positive Parenting.

I am going to give the gift of time to my three boys in 2010. I don't believe there is a better or simpler gift I can give them (and is doesn't cost money). I have found three different ways to do this positive activity with children. I listed them below from Fishful Thinking website.

We are currently doing the Time Share method. My four year old is even enjoying this activity.

This is how he decided to design his gift of time for his five year old brother (who he drew out of a hat). He said he would let his brother use his Leapster while he watched and cheered him on. My five year old was so happy with the gift of time - and they did a great job sharing the Leapster and time together. It was great to see the Inspire an Attitude of Gratitude in action - they are praising each other with out even thinking about it - it is wonderful to see.

Family Time

Ask each family member to write on a note card one "Gift of Time" they would like to receive from the family: watching a DVD together, camping out in a fort in the living room, playing a board game. Put the cards in a box and pull one out each night to do together.

Time Share

Each member of the family picks a name out of a hat and has to design a "Gift of Time" to share with the person they chose.

Time Checks

Family members can give each other "blank checks" of time. Each check is good for a certain amount of time (e.g. 30 minutes, 3 hours) and can be cashed in whenever they would like to have some special time with that family member. Of course, everyone must understand that they may sometimes have to wait in order to get their check cashed.


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