Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lots of Glue and Feelings Collages this weekend.

I have many issues of Parents magazine around my house - as I am sure some other mothers also do. The stack was getting big enough that I was going to throw them away (recycle them) - but decided to try to find an activity to do with them and my boys.

We are making Feelings collages - (to help with their emotional awareness.)

Dylan picked the feeling of suprise - it has been a little difficult to find photos -but he is doing a great job and enjoying writing on his collage and doing his own illustrations.

Keegan my wild child, picked the feeling of happiness - which is an easy one for him to do.

I just had to make sure I had enough glue sticks on hand - Keegan LOVES glue and thinks the more the better - it will take days for his collage to dry :)

Give it a try ****Pick a feeling and work with your child to make a collage that illustrates that feeling. Use pictures from magazines, family photos, drawings or words to illustrate what that feeling is like for your child. Paste the pictures onto one piece of paper. Post them on the wall. Consider making color photo copies of the "happy" collage and use it for greeting cards.

*I will try to post a photo of their collages when they are completed - please share yours.


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