Sunday, December 6, 2009

Great Holiday Treasure Box Activity for your children.

I wanted to share this great activity with all you ladies. I just started this with my boys the other day. We do our Treasure Box after supper when we are opening our Advent calenders. It is great and they love it. Yes - yesterday my 5 year old was thankful for the snow - and he will continue to be as the snow hasn't stopped.

I used an empty Kleenex (pop up kind) for our treasure box and wrapped it in Christmas paper. It looks great and works to get the "treasures" out. I use index cards for the treasure cards. This is such a great wat to teach your child about positive thinking (optimism).

Here is the info on the activity:

Work with your child to decorate a box that is kept on the table you eat at regularly. Keep a stack of index cards and crayons and markers next to the box. Two or three times a week, ask your child to write down or draw something good that happened, something good they saw or heard, remembered or accomplished. During a meal once a week, take turns pulling a treasure from the box and reading it aloud.


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