Monday, November 30, 2009

Nesquik Mad Libs- Give them a try!

Give these Nesquik Mad Libs a try and relive your childhood. They are so much fun.


Early one (INSERT NOUN), (INSERT NAME) opened the gate to (HIS/HER) house and unknowingly embarked upon a (INSERT ADJECTIVE) adventure to find (HIS/HER) Happy Place. Barely out the yard, (INSERT NAME) saw perched on top of a big (INSERT NOUN) a particularly cheerful NESQUIK Bunny.

"(INSERT VERB) with me, I will lead you to your Happy Place!" said the NESQUIK Bunny (INSERT ADVERB).

(INSERT NAME) and the NESQUIK Bunny followed a (INSERT ADJECTIVE) path through a (INSERT ADJECTIVE) forest. Birds were chirping in the (INSERT PLURAL NOUN) (INSERT VERB) along a neat dirt path.

As they were walking, (INSERT NAME) grew thirsty and asked the NESQUIK Bunny to help (HIM/HER) find a (INSERT ADJECTIVE) stream to drink from. “Never fear, I have just the thing to make you feel better!” exclaimed the NESQUIK Bunny.

The Bunny (INSERT VERB) an ice-cold NESQUIK, and (INSERT NAME) drank the delicious drink and immediately felt refreshed. (HE/SHE) had reached (HIS/HER) Happy Place!

(INSERT NAME) and the NESQUIK Bunny spent the rest of the day (INSERT VERB) through the forest, and upon returning home, (INSERT NAME) fell sound asleep.


(INSERT NAME) was (INSERT VERB) though the (INSERT NOUN) one day when (HE/SHE) (INSERT VERB) upon a (INSERT ADJECTIVE) flock of (INSERT NOUN).

(HE/SHE) (INSERT VERB) and looked up at the (INSERT NOUN) and declared “I will one day be the (INSERT ADJECTIVE) (INSERT NOUN) on Earth!”

A (INSERT NOUN) swooped out of the (INSERT NOUN) and announced (HIS/HER) (INSERT NOUN). Suddenly, the NESQUIK Bunny appeared on the (INSERT NOUN). Was this a mirage? (INSERT NAME) could hear a (INSERT ADJECTIVE) voice (INSERT VERB) though the (INSERT NOUN).

It called out to (HIM/HER) in a (INSERT ADJECTIVE) tone: “Why did you choose to (INSERT VERB) here when you could have (INSERT VERB) (INSERT NOUN) in comfort and enjoyed a delicious NESQUIK?”

(INSERT NAME) was dumbfounded. How was (HE/SHE) to respond to such a (INSERT ADJECTIVE) question? Regardless, (HE/SHE) countered by (INSERT VERB) “It is true that I absolutely love (INSERT NOUN). I do wish that I had (INSERT VERB).”

The (INSERT ADJECTIVE) NESQUIK Bunny burst into (INSERT NOUN) and (INSERT NAME) woke up with a start.

“What a (INSERT ADJECTIVE) dream,” (HE/SHE) thought!


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